Traditional Fruit and Vegetables

We offer an extensive range of traditional fruit and vegetables sourced from leading Australian farms and growers.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

We understand seasonality so we are able to supply quality fruit and vegetables from beyond our doorstep. We’re also in the know when it comes to specific yearly seasonal produce, such as local white asparagus and native finger limes.

Specialty and Innovative Produce

We offer a range of unique produce, required by innovative chefs, including edible flowers, petit vegetables, native produce and heirloom varieties.

Premium Baby Leaves

Triple washed and optically graded, our premium leaves offer the highest quality for salad ingredients.


We offer a full range of cut cress, micro herbs, loose herbs and sprouts, all exuding freshness and flavour.

Quality & Innovation. Fresh & Fast.

We get fresh produce. We serve the hospitality industry with a range of fresh and innovative produce sourced from farms in Australia and around the world. We get the importance of diversity. Our produce ranges from the traditional to the slightly exotic. We get the importance of freshness and quality and supplying our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

News, Offers and Alerts

Market News & Specials


This week we are seeing long awaited arrival of new season Local Australian Asparagus from Albany and Victoria, these products amazing se be sure to make most of the short season.

Leaf line supply & quality is improving dramatically as the spring growing conditions kick in.

Rockmelon & honeydew have increased in supply and quality. Watermelons remain slow to increase in volume.

Plenty of local citrus and strawberries around at the moment so be sure to use them now when they are at their best.

Darwin and Ord River R2E2 Green Mangoes are now in stock but numbers are limited this early in season.

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