Traditional Fruit and Vegetables

We offer an extensive range of traditional fruit and vegetables sourced from leading Australian farms and growers.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

We understand seasonality so we are able to supply quality fruit and vegetables from beyond our doorstep. We’re also in the know when it comes to specific yearly seasonal produce, such as local white asparagus and native finger limes.

Specialty and Innovative Produce

We offer a range of unique produce, required by innovative chefs, including edible flowers, petit vegetables, native produce and heirloom varieties.

Premium Baby Leaves

Triple washed and optically graded, our premium leaves offer the highest quality for salad ingredients.


We offer a full range of cut cress, micro herbs, loose herbs and sprouts, all exuding freshness and flavour.

Quality & Innovation.
Fresh & Fast.

We get fresh produce. We serve the hospitality industry with a range of fresh and innovative produce sourced from farms in Australia and around the world.

We get the importance of diversity. Our produce ranges from the traditional to the slightly exotic. We get the importance of freshness and quality and supplying our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

News, Offers and Alerts

Market News – 20th to 26th February, 2019

Trading as normal

Labour Day Weekend

4th March 2019 

Local Pomegranates are now showing up in the markets. The fruit is expensive and quality is ok, but will improve over the coming weeks.

Lemons are very limited in supply, we expect QLD fruit in 2-3 weeks and reports are saying prices over $7.00kg to be expected.

Make most of local Fig season, there is plenty stunning fruit around the moment.


JUICING APPLE ALER CONTINUES, yes stock has now near dried up with very limited supply and prices are over $3.00kg in the markets for any fruit that becomes available. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for new season stock to start coming through.



Dill (very limited)

Jerusalem Artichokes











We would like to remind customers our minimum amount for delivery is $50, please keep in mind when placing orders



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