We serve the hospitality industry with a range of fresh and innovative produce, sourced from leading farms in Australia and around the world. Our range focuses on local, seasonal and sustainable produce. We also offer a wide variety of specialty, heirloom, premium leaf and salad produce, complimenting our full range of conventional produce.



The Difference

We get the importance of freshness and the innovative demands of contemporary cuisine. We adapt a fresh approach to produce supply Constantly liaising with farms, growers and clients to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of tastes and trends.

We understand the importance of freshness and quality. Forever supplying our clients with farm fresh quality, quickly and efficiently.


Experience and Knowledge

Getfresh Merchants understands the importance of produce from both sides of the plate. Stephen, a past farmer is our Produce Specialist. He understands the unique needs of his clients and the dynamics of produce supply.


Stephen Kahl, Produce Specialist


Stephen Kahl – Produce Specialist


Stephen offers a wealth of agricultural knowledge. He knows about produce supply. Stephen has over 37 years experience in farming and agriculture. He also ran his own café and catering business prior to moving to ‘the big smoke’ where he pursued his passion for fresh produce.

Stephen has built some very strong relationships with clients, farmers and growers. He has always had a passion for fresh produce. His goal is to share his knowledge and passion for the produce industry to his clients and fellow colleagues. Whilst also gaining respect from industry professionals through his hard work and dedication.




Michael Da Silva – Director


Michael comes from a large family that collectively have over 35 years experience in the Western Australian Fruit & Vegetable market. In his time in the industry Michael has developed many strong relationships with local farmers and growers.  Always striving for perfection Michael adopts the latest technology so that he can service customers in the most efficient manner.

Michael aims to use his contacts within the farming industry to provide clients with unrivalled service and high quality standards. He is focused on ensuring that the freshest produce is directly supplied to our warehouse so that we can supply our clients with quality assurance and competitive prices.


Service & Quality

We are more than just a supplier. We provide our clients with advice on seasonal change, menu development. We even offer farm and market tours. We want our clients to get the importance of fresh produce and the difference it can make to culinary success, ultimately becoming part of your business

We operate through stringent QA systems to ensure that all our produce is picked, packed and delivered to the highest quality standard.

We operate the latest online ordering to ensure ease of ordering.

We operate a modern fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure the cold chain is not disrupted, with our produce delivered farm fresh.

Our Market City location enables 24-hour direct access to the freshest and best quality produce available from market traders and growers from around Australia and the world.




We strive on supplying our clients with farm fresh quality.


We’re leaders in supplying our clients with a range of conventional and contemporary produce. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting produce items and improved supply methods.


We work closely with leading farms and growers around Australia. Our dedication to partnering also extends to how we work with our clients.


We focus on supplying fresh produce fast. Our commitment to our clients extends into being responsive to their needs.

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